10 DreamWorks animated movies that deserve sequels (per Reddit)


DreamWorks Animation It’s no stranger to turn their movie into a franchise.de egyptian princeA direct sequel to their biggest box office hit video (Shrek 2), The sequel has long been the bread and butter of DreamWorks. In fact, their last four films in a row were sequels: Trolls World Tour, The Cruise: Anew Age, Spirit Untamed, When Boss Baby: Family business..

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Still, some of DreamWorks fan favorites have yet to be treated as sequels, and Reddit is wondering which movies in their vault are ripe for expansion.

Ten Abominable (2019)

The latest original DreamWorks movie, Abominable If you are considering developing a new franchise, the studio may be the first place to look. The story of a Shanghai teenager who befriended the Yeti ends with the two characters returning to their family, but there’s plenty of room for future articles to intersect again.

Redditor candiicorne The movie even says “sequel advice” at the end, adding that it is “no longer needed” by Jin, a friend who knows Yi’s tech. The sequel has yet to be announced, but that’s safe to say because the film was a major commercial success. Abominable 2 It’s still on the map.

9 Penguins of Madagascar (2014)

In the polls Madagascar penguin It wasn’t even an option, Captain Amphibian made a derivative claim worthy of its own sequel. Citing the movie’s entertainment value and the villain’s “very interesting” backstory, they claim the movie reaches a darker tone. Madagascar The series alone stands out enough to create a franchise.

There where you are penguin Rank Madagascar Film series Make it an edge case. There are many factors, such as its popularity. Madagascar penguin The fact that the Nickelodeon series and another DreamWorks spin-off ran from 2008 to 2015, Cat wearing long shoesAcquired its own sequel in 2022.

8 Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003)

Sindbad Seven Legends of the Sea

DreamWorks’ latest traditional animated film, Sindbad Seven Legends of the SeaIs a swashbuckler who bombarded box office revenue, thanks to fierce competition and first release Pirates of the Caribbean I won’t shoot it until a week later. Yet like other DreamWorks 2D fares, it has developed something like a cult follower, and moviephil4315 users claim they “got the most from the sequel” as a standalone DreamWorks before 2005.

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While Sinbad The sequel may seem like a long shot, but it’s a little more likely after a recent release. Untamed spirit, A sequel to another traditionally animated DreamWorks film from the early 2000s that left a weak impression at the box office.

7 Captain Pantsman: Epic First Movie (2017)

Many Redditors made complaints in 2017 Captain Underpants: Epic First Movie To get treatment for the AlanaHere sequel “Because it’s a manga, it can be a real sequel.”

As well as choosing from a dozen source books, the fact that the film’s name includes “premier” is a powerful indicator that the sequel has come to the studio’s mind. Meanwhile, it’s in progress The epic story of the captain’s briefs Netflix and upcoming series Dogman A derivative film from another Dav Pilkey series.

6 M. Peabody & Sherman (2014)

Leslie Mann character Patty and her husband Peabody & Shaman

The winner of DreamWorks’ third film Subreddit “Which DreamWorks Movie Sequel Do You Want To Get?” ” Reddit vote It was the years 2014 Mr. Peabody and Sherman..Time travel based on Impossible peabody story Segment by Rocky & Bullwinkle AdventureWould have been an economic loss for DreamWorks Bomb reportHowever, there may still be room for expansion.

With its own Netflix series, it’s clear DreamWorks has yet to abandon the franchise, but while many Redditors are endorsing the movie’s sequel. AlanaHere If not, he insists, “Don’t spoil the peabody and the shaman in the sequel. Please. ”It shows how passionate the movie’s fan base is, to say the least.

Five Bee Movie (2007)

Barry and the pollen jockey fly outside

user Skeletor Attack Make an interesting pitch for Bee movie Continuation: “We can talk about other insects. AnzFurther debut of either movie is a tough sell, but a hybrid sequel to the two Bee movie When Anz It may be a pretty ambitious idea to attract the public.

it helps Bee movie The source of meme evergreens Therefore, we saw new cultural refuges. While the initial reception was mixed, Jerry Seinfeld’s Rides have handled the continued pop culture relevance that can easily lead Millennials and Gen Zs to the theater.

Four Road to Eldorado (2000)

Road to Eldorado

Top DreamWorks Part 1 Subreddit “Which DreamWorks Movie Sequel Do You Want To Get?” Vote teeth Road to Eldorado, Another commercial disappointment that has developed cult followers. An adventure film that follows the play of two Spanish Hasslers in the legendary City of Gold has long been the subject of memes and fan art, and fans see Miguel and Trio on another bizarre adventure. I scream.

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NOT. Eldorado The sequel should be noted not only because DreamWorks has moved away from mainstream animation, but also because it had one of the lowest box office revenues in DreamWorks pre-pandemic history. Mojo ticket office.. Yet like its protagonist, this film surpasses its predecessors.

3 Flashaway (2006)

Flash away rody

Redditor Aggressive_Potato_28 I voted to write Flash away You will receive a second installment in one of DreamWorks’ subreddit votes. Calling it a ‘goat movie,’ they insisted on Aardman’s co-production as a movie DreamWorks returned, and the film underperformed at the box office, but was praised for its clever writing and visuals. eye-catching. I did.

What makes it one of the more unlikely entries on this list is hollywood reporterDue to his exceptional financial performance, DreamWorks has ended its relationship with Aardman. While Sequel Chicken coop I’m on the road without the involvement of DreamWorks, so Flash away The universe is affected by division.

2 Rise of the Guardians (2012)

rise of the Guardians’ The most sympathetic character This gives it huge fandom online, and the concept of getting a sequel has been covered several times on Reddit. In an article for r / films, _DrDerp_ call it “one of the best animated films ever made” and ask “Do you want everyone?” rise of the Guardians Following? “

Like many of the films on this list, it was a breakout success and a commercial flop. Admired for its stunning graphics and unique take on classic folklore characters, and if that happens there will certainly be a crowd for the sequel. As recently as last year, director Peter Ramsey expressed interest in returning to the show in an interview. ComicBook.com..

1 Megamind (2010)

The online presence is not that well known, rise of the Guardians Also Road to Eldorado, Megamind Quietly become one of the Internet’s favorite DreamWorks movies. Will be posted regularly glassFandom Chart has its own dedicated features 10 years after its release Meme subreddit With over 8,000 Armsguard Me members, just say, “Why don’t we have it?” Megamind Following? “

The growing cultural dominance of the superhero genre MegamindCommentary still relevant. Nothing has been announced yet, but Tom McGrath is still a regular on DreamWorks (recently a sequel). Boss baby), And one of the studio’s next films, Bad boyA similar premise follows involving a bunch of Reformed Villains.

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