50th Anniversary of the Manga and Anime Creators Honor Series


Since the 1960s, Lupine the 3 has been a major part of the anime scene, spawning countless TV series and feature films in the decades since The Gentleman Thief. First created by the late manga artist Monkey Punch, the series recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and a number of big names in the anime and manga industry took the opportunity to honor the franchise. Currently, lupine part three 6 is the final season of the long-running franchise that pits the anime thief against none other than Sherlock Holmes, as Lupine is charged with the murder of Dr. Watson.

To kick off the party, the creator of the Detective series, Case closed, Gosho Aoyama shared a new photo of Fujiko Mine, the femme fatale who has appeared more times than we can count in the history of the series. In the past, Lupine and Conan have faced each other over the release of two films spanning the two universes via Lupine The Third Vs. Detective Conan. Hilariously, Gosho notes that he expects the franchise to see “Lupine The Eight Vs Detective Conan The Third” appear in fifty years if both franchises are still going strong:

(Photo: Gosho Aoyama)

Host and director Kazuhide Tomonaga, who has been part of several Lupine the third projects over the years, including movies and TV series, has taken the opportunity not only to share his love for the franchise, but also to film a live-action drawing of Lupine and Jigen to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Gentleman Thief. :

Finally, Great Pretender series writer Ryota Kosawa and the actor who played a live-action version of Lupine Zenigata’s character shared their own artwork to help celebrate the many decades of animated franchise history:

(Photo: Tadanobu Asano)
(Photo: Ryota Kosawa)

If you haven’t had the chance to keep up with the latest Lupine series, TMS Entertainment has released an official description of the series that pits the world’s greatest sleuth against the world’s greatest thief:

“His name is Lupine III. He is a thief gentleman whose grandfather was the famous phantom thief Arsène Lupine. When it comes to the art of theft, there is nothing that Lupine III cannot steal; either jewelry, works of art, hidden treasures, the secret of immortality, or the heart of a pretty girl.

Lupin’s partners are Daisuke Jigen, a great marksman; Goemon Ishikawa, a master swordsman; Fujiko Mine, a devilishly intelligent femme fatale. There is Inspector Zenigata, a relentless ICPO officer, consumed by the obsessive desire to apprehend the masterful thief. “

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