Anime Creators Thank Fans After 8th Anime Trending Awards

The 8th Annual Anime Trending Awards have passed, celebrating a huge year in anime. Each season featured a diverse selection of outstanding and entertaining anime that kept us engaged throughout 2022. At this year’s Anime Trending Awards, many fans let their voices and opinions be known by choosing the best of the best.

Fruit basket: the last season hooked anime of the year honors and Josée, the tiger and the fish received the Animated Film of the Year award. Shin Nozen of 86 EIGHTY-SIX won Boy of the Year while Mieruko from Mieruko-chan braved her way to win girl of the year.

Now that the dust has settled, we hope to continue supporting the works of all anime creators through 2022. We are also very honored and thrilled to let you know that the fantastic creators have reached out and shared their their thoughts on their respective awards.

Yoshihide IbataDirector of Fruit basket: the last seasonshared some of his grateful thoughts and feelings after winning ATA’s Anime of the Year, saying:

Yuki Ogawa, Director of Mieruko-chan, shares her comments on Miko Yotsuya winning Girl of the Year. It is also expressed by Sora Amamiyawho won this year’s best voice acting performance by a female Seiyuu. Mieruko-chan also won Best Supernatural Anime of the Year.