For a while it was fashionable to compare DreamWorks Animation unfavorably to Pixar. While Pixar has made ambitious movies about complex subjects set in unique worlds, DreamWorks just made animals do human things and do the arch-browed “DreamWorks Face,” or so the criticism went. But, while it’s true that severalRead More →

Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos courtesy of the studios If the best animated films and TV series of 2021 were largely characterized by creator-led spectacles and manipulations with the art form, the most exciting titles of 2022 seem to us to appeal to the crowd. Spring will feature a reimagining of anRead More →

No more waiting for resource-intensive rendering, says Spire Animation Studios, as it prepares to integrate Epic’s Unreal Engine into Spire’s feature animation pipeline for real-time workflows. Epic Games’ strategic investment in Spire Animation Studios signals a significant shift in the future of feature animation. The two companies will partner closelyRead More →

As we told you last week, UniversalAnimation titles will continue to air on netflix. In a new multi-year deal made official by the two studios today, Uni’s animated films will stream on Netflix during the middle 10-month portion of an 18-month paid partner window. As previously reported, Universal Filmed EntertainmentRead More →

[ad_1] Apple has entered into a multi-year agreement with Skydance Animation to release several films including Luck and Bewitched. From the LA Times: Apple has reached a deal to release films produced by Skydance Animation, the Skydance Media unit headed by former Pixar and Walt Disney Animation director John Lasseter,Read More →

[ad_1] One Take Media Co. (OTMC) continually updates its content library and adds new titles at regular intervals. These content acquisitions have allowed the customer to stay engaged, satisfied, and maintain platform membership. CTO has added new titles to its library and recently acquired 100 new animated films for children.Read More →

Sony was one of many film distributors to test its technological capabilities with the creation of an animation division in the 2000s – see Fox’s adoption of Blue Sky Studios and the creation by Universal of lighting entertainment to name just two. The new division, aptly named Sony Pictures AnimationdebutedRead More →

[ad_1] F or years, Dreamworks has been considered the contender to the throne of Disney Pixar, the secondary studio in the world of animated blockbusters. While box office receipts suggest this is still largely the case, the studio has seen a real creative resurgence in recent years and the balanceRead More →

[ad_1] When Disney Zootopia won the Oscar for best animated film this year, it was one of the less surprising awards of the evening. This family-friendly cartoon about a metropolis populated with animals had already grossed over $ 1 billion worldwide and was the favorite to win. What was moreRead More →