E-Utsav will equip students in the management of animation tools and software | News from Kozhikode


KOZHIKODE: The first phase of the e- @ utsav training program has started in the district. The program is part of the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education project “Hi School Kuttikoottam” of the Department of Education.
No less than 2,613 students from various schools participated in the first phase program. The training of the second phase will take place on Saturday and Sunday. Planning for school-level training and other activities will also take place in the camps.
Project participants are offered training in animation, electronics, computer hardware, cybersecurity and Malayalam computing, a press release said. The training program is being organized in 115 centers in the district with the help of 230 resource people, the statement added.
The project is implemented by modernizing computer clubs in schools. Continuing education is provided to students in five selected fields.
Members of the student group have already received school-level training. E @ Utsav aims to provide expert training to students, the statement said. The training is offered using free software, the statement added.
Children are trained in the manufacture of advanced circuits using the bricks provided in school electronic kits, in the use of raspberry pi, in the development of edutainment software using the Scratch programming software. activities.
Trained students will be able to review the school wiki and publish school news online. Students will also be able to use classroom equipment provided as part of smart school projects. Children will also be trained in electronic waste management as they are members of school committees for electronic waste management, the statement added.


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