Netflix sets up Anime Creators Lounge in Tokyo (EXCLUSIVE)


Netflix has launched an anime creators’ fair in Tokyo that it hopes to add to the professional tools of animation designers and writers.

The move was revealed by Sakurai Taiki, Netflix’s chief anime producer, in a blog post posted on Friday.

“When I first watched the hit animated series’ Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! », An inspiring story about three high school students coming together to found an animation club, I was intrigued by the idea of ​​creating a space where creative minds could come together. It reminded me that creative processes should always be driven by passion and fun, ”he said in the blog.

The anime creator base is located inside the company’s new office in Tokyo and will initially consist of two designers, Ishidate Namiko and Cisse Saina, who will help the creators develop concept art.


When it reaches full capacity, the Designer Base will consist of three areas: a designer garage, with 10 designers and artists who help staff align with the look and feel of a project; a writers’ garage, for teams to develop and edit scripts; and a multi-functional lab space testing new creative technologies, VR and motion capture technologies.

“When we think of the process, there are three classic stages of pre-production, production and post-production. What we want to do is respond to a step even before that. Concept illustrations, image boards, rough designs, ”said Sakurai Variety. “So when we create an original show not based on an existing show or manga, the team will have an instant common picture of what it will look like, as they brainstorm story ideas. This can sometimes be ignored for lack of time or resources.

But the base can also help bring other properties into the expanding anime realm.

“If we think the design adaptations are suitable for restarting an existing manga property, we’ll ask the folks at the creator base to work on it and maybe take it to the publisher (IP) and ask. then what they think about it. Or we could visit a publisher of a novel, from Japan or abroad, but without any visual reference. We could create an animated world and present it to the publisher, ”Sakurai said.

Sakurai and Netflix are expected to release nearly 40 anime titles this year, roughly double the production in 2020. “There will always be a mixed roster of shows adapted from an existing IP – manga or games – or a reboot. live action movies, as well as originals, ”he said.

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Five key upcoming properties are: “Vampire in the Garden,” a Studio Wit vampire series; “Bright: Samurai Soul,” a spin-off of Netflix’s own live-action show “Bright,” which launched three years ago and will be an animated prequel; the comedy series “Thermae Romae” adapted from a time travel story (which was previously two live action films and before that a manga series); “Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure” and “Spriggen” adapted from a very popular manga in the 1980s. “

Within this range we have a range of styles: “Vampire in the Garden” and “Thermae Romae” are both completely hand drawn, “Spriggan” is 3D animation, “Rilakkuma” is stop motion and “ Bright Samurai Soul “is fully CGI,” Sakurai said.

Click here for a tour of the new facility.


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