New Unity demo with hair rendering and animation tools

Unity Art Tools is a collection of various graphic design tools designed to work in combination to create living characters. The suite is made up of SpeedTree, which enables realistic vegetation with procedural modeling, Weta, a tool for designing humans and other characters in real time and at large scale, SyncSketch, a realistic visual effects tool. , allowing development teams to work concurrently. On complex projects from different places and on the Unity editor itself.

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Now, all of these tools have been used to make “lion” tech demos. It shows a young lion playing with an adult animal and is said to be able to score points with realistic movement sequences and dynamic fur. To do this, the artists used various techniques from the Unity suite, but at the same time the demo is not only a demonstration of what is technically possible, it was also presented on Playstation 5. So this graph can be calculated on the PS5 in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second.

The demo was created by students from the Monster Emporium Animation School in the UK and uses the suite’s latest features, such as the biomechanical moving body calculator in Ziva VFX, which aims to enable dynamic sequences of motion pictures. animals through machine learning based on real Is. Models. The project was built remotely and can be rendered with Unity’s High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP), which very efficiently implemented very complex and optically realistic inputs. The demo plays smoothly not only on PS5, but also on Xbox Series X and PC.

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