Procreate 5 detailed: Photoshop brushes, animation tools and new user interface


Procreate, the popular art and illustration app for iPad, will receive a major update to Procreate 5 later this year. The upcoming features of the new version were detailed by the creator of the app at Lightbox Expo today. According to the company, users can expect a new, more powerful graphics engine, as well as support for Photoshop brushes.

The most notable change in Procreate 5 will be the addition of “Valkyrie”, the new graphics engine powering the next version of the art application. Savage Interactive says its new graphics engine is designed to “elevate Apple Pencil and iPad Pro to new heights”, delivering faster speeds and more power for large, complex and detailed works of art.

The new version of Procreate will also feature an updated brush studio that will allow users to quickly create their own brushes using a built-in texture generator. Savage Interactive also integrates new animation tools into the app, giving users access to onion skin and more to create animations, GIFs, and similar moving parts.

Although the updated interface is still distinctly Procreate, the next version of the app features a redesigned user interface with a new floating color selection tool, as well as new selection and transformation modes. Apple Pencil’s pencil and tilt technology will be harnessed by Procreate 5 for what the company calls “unmatched” color control through the app’s Color Dynamics feature.

Other changes will include a new Clone tool, CMYK support, the ability to import existing Photoshop brushes, over 150 brush settings, and a Dual Brushes feature to create custom brushes from two textures. Existing Procreate owners will receive the updated app for free later this year; everyone will have to pay $ 10.


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