Rockstar Games Recruits For Next Generation Projects, Improving Facial Animation Tools


Rockstar Games is hiring for their next-gen projects and the job listing suggests they are looking to further improve their facial animation technology with upcoming games.

Rockstar Games is the pioneer of new technologies in the industry. They just released Red Dead Redemption 2 which is a cutting edge game with great animations and game systems in a big open world. Red Dead Redemption 2 is breathtaking whether you play it on the base consoles or their upgraded counterparts. While most businesses will be happy to achieve this level of visual fidelity, Rockstar Games doesn’t stop there.

Rockstar Games has posted a slew of job postings over the past two weeks that are specifically looking to improve their facial animation tools. They hire a Technical Face Developer at Rockstar New York and a Senior Technical Artist at Rockstar Toronto. The description lists focus on animating and capturing facial motion “to aid in the research and development of new technology for future titles.”

The job description cites “creating new approaches for animation retargeting, facial animation tracking / editing, secondary motion simulation and character warping” and “developing new approaches and feeds working for facial tracking, facial animation, facial recognition, tool / pipeline improvement. “

Rockstar Games is also working on improving its MoCap tools to “build and build on the next generation of MoCap tools and pipelines”. It is clear from these job offers that they want to further improve the quality of animation in their future games.

Finally, while it was not clear that they were talking about the next generation, Rockstar India is also recruiting with several vacancies posted two weeks ago for various technical artists in order to “create new generation worlds for exciting projects to come! “

After work on Red Dead Redemption 2 ends, Rockstar Games are still actively supporting the game and working on releasing Red Dead Online in public, which is currently in beta. They may have started working on a next-gen title, but it’s clear judging by their window of development that it won’t be out for quite a while.


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