Skydance Luck and Spellbound animated films coming in 2022


Skydance Media has found great success on the big screen with the modern Star Trek franchise, the Impossible mission film series, Jack Reach, and Second World War. Additionally, they started to create a big presence on Netflix with action movies like 6 Underground and the recently released The old guard. But soon they will enter the animation arena with their first two animated feature films, Luck and Bewitched, should arrive in theaters 2022.

Skydance Animation has announced the official release dates for their first animation projects, which will be co-funded and distributed by Paramount Pictures. Luck will arrive first on February 18, 2022, and Bewitched will follow later in the year November 11, 2022. So what are these films about?

Although Luck will be Skydance Animation’s first film, not much is known. Peggy holmes (Disney Secret of the wings, The pirate fairy) will lead the film, which follows the most unlucky girl in the world as she stumbles upon the never-before-seen world of good luck and bad luck. Associated with magical creatures, she will discover a force more powerful than even luck itself.

In the meantime, there is a lot more information available on Bewitched. The film takes place in a magical world where a young girl must break the spell that has divided her kingdom in two. It might not be the most original concept, but the film has the Shrek manager team Vicky Jensen and producer David Lipman work together again. The scenario comes from Mulan writers Lauren Hynek & Elizabeth Martin and The beauty and the Beast and The Lion King scribe Linda woolverton.

Also bringing some magic to Bewitched will be an Oscar-winning songwriter Alain menken, who wrote the tunes for Disney classics such as The little Mermaid, The beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin. Menken will be providing the sheet music as well as the original songs, so it looks like it’s going to be a lively musical adventure. The writing of the lyrics will be Glenn slater (Tangled), and Chris Montan (Frozen, The beauty and the Beast) will serve as executive music producer.

So it looks like Skydance Animation has brought together some of Disney’s most talented contributors and a few DreamWorks Animation veterans to kick off their new cinematic branch with a bang. In case you don’t remember, they ousted Pixar’s brain as well. Jean Lasseter co-directs Skydance Animation with Holly edwards.

There has been some controversy surrounding Lasseter’s hiring at Skydance since the filmmaker left Disney after allegations of sexual harassment came to light during the height of the #MeToo movement in Hollywood. In reality, Emma thompson was originally supposed to start in Luck, but when Lasseter was hired by Skydance, she left the project. At a town hall meeting at Skydance last year, Lasseter addressed these issues by saying:

I am deeply sorry for my actions, which have been unquestionably wrong. I a lot regret that women feel in danger or not respected. I will do it continue to work everyday for the rest of my life to prove to you that I have grew up and learned. I am resolved to commit to building an animation studio on the basis of equality, security, trust and mutual respect for everyone.”

While many are still unhappy that Lasseter was able to land such a prestigious job in such a short time after these accusations, Skydance Media appears confident in his redemption. Although they aren’t necessarily confident enough to include a quote from him in the press release. Instead, they left that to Edwards, who said:

“Luck” and “Spellbound” create rich worlds and fascinating characters that we know will resonate with audiences around the world. It’s incredibly exciting to see our team of legendary creators working around the clock and around the world to bring these images to life. “

Along with their first feature films, Skydance Animation is working on a list of premium TV shows that they will be announcing soon.


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