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Burn the witch To Bleach manga fans rejoice, while new fans are left in the dark after the first few episodes. Sadly, this isn’t the first time an anime has failed to meet its real purpose.

Burn the witch gained attention for its unique art style and interesting plot, where two women are part of a task force to master dragons and protect the citizens of London and its alternate version. But when the first episode premiered in early October, the plot confused some viewers. The most important question, “Am I missing something?” was rumored to many viewers in Episode 3. Maybe the answer will be revealed in future episodes, but it looks like there’s some sort of inside information the viewer doesn’t know. Going to the comments section doesn’t help, as it’s filled with “This is based on the Bleach one-shot in the manga, you have to read it first to understand what’s going on. It does the opposite of what an anime adaptation is supposed to do; if the series is this confusing, how is the manga different?

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In most cases, anime adaptations follow the plot and story of the manga they are based on, straying from the beaten track only to give the manga time to update itself, or to fill in. a long season of 12 to 24 episodes with a few charges. They usually kill two birds with one stone; they give the manga a moving and breathable form to satisfy readers, and also introduce the manga to viewers if they want to get ahead of the show and learn what’s in store for them. But in some cases, it’s clear that the anime was intended only for manga fans.

Other than Burn the witch, Dorohedoro is another fairly new animated series that commits this crime. Dorohedoro centers around a man with a reptile head looking for the wizard who cursed him and took away his memories. The art and what looks like a compelling plot draws people in, but it’s like the show starts at Episode 12 of 24, and viewers should already know what’s going on already.

This failure can seriously damage a franchise. If an anime only serves to please those who read the manga, then the series keeps all new fans from jumping on the bandwagon. After that, what’s the point of continuing the show if only readers can watch it?

But let’s say the manga is actually quite good. The pace is good, the characters are adorable, and readers should definitely buy the next few volumes to find out what happens next. Well how come the anime doesn’t do the same? Especially if anime like Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, and hundreds more have succeeded in encouraging new fans to read their manga.

Yet perhaps these shows could serve to draw attention to their source. Fans might be motivated to read the manga to understand what is going on in the series and to better understand the plot. However, if the comments section in CrunchyRoll says, “You must have read the manga before you watch”, then there is a problem.

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