Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos courtesy of the studios If the best animated films and TV series of 2021 were largely characterized by creator-led spectacles and manipulations with the art form, the most exciting titles of 2022 seem to us to appeal to the crowd. Spring will feature a reimagining of anRead More →

Mamoru Hosoda, director of Wolf Children and Belle, criticizes the portrayal of female characters in cartoons, including the films of director Hayao Miyazaki. Mamoru Hosoda, director of films such as The girl who jumped in time, Wolf Children and the new movie Beautiful, expresses his criticism of the portrayal ofRead More →

When Disney Zootopia won the Oscar for best animated film this year, it was one of the less surprising awards of the evening. This family-friendly cartoon about a metropolis populated with animals had already grossed over $ 1 billion worldwide and was the favorite to win. What was more intriguingRead More →