The real reason those DreamWorks animated films were bombed


Sinbad is an important film in the history of DreamWorks Animation. For one thing, this was the studio’s latest foray into hand-drawn animation. It’s no surprise that DreamWorks ditched the format, given that Sinbad was not just a box office underperformance. Sinbad was a real financial meltdown.

by Sinbad The box office race kicked off with an opening weekend of $ 6.8 million. Not only did this brut Sinbad behind newcomers like Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Legally blonde 2: red, white and blonde, but it also opened below the sixth weekend of The world of Nemo. Any hope that Sinbad’s domestic race would improve from there would remain unfulfilled. According to Figures, Sinbad grossed only $ 26.5 million domestically and $ 54.3 million internationally on a budget of $ 60 million. Weeks after its release, DreamWorks Animation co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg said The New York Times that the studio would no longer be producing hand-drawn animation projects as a result of by Sinbad failure. Computer animated features like Shrek and Madagascar have proven to be the standard for DreamWorks since then.

Two years after its theatrical release, by Sinbad the exact financial losses were made public when, according to the Los Angeles Times, DreamWorks co-founder David Geffen revealed that the project lost $ 125 million. In the process, the heroic Sinbad almost bankrupted the studio. Considering these kinds of losses, it is not surprising that Sinbad ended up being a turning point for DreamWorks Animation as a company.


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